Naked 3 Palette Eye Makeup


Helloooo everyone!

I got bored of studying today and decided to play a bit with the Naked 3. But, as much of a genius as I am, when I decided to play with it it was like… 4PM, it took me less than 5 minutes to finish the look and when I went to take pictures to post in here, the sky went super dark and my pictures turned out crappy… So next time I do this (in the morning!) I will take decent pictures and attach here. I did my best but these were the best pictures I could get:

          12           3


I added this last picture because on the previous one, it looks like I have a patch of brown on the outer corner of my eyes. xD I don’t. It’s just the lighting.
In this look, I basically have Dust on the inner corner of the eye, Buzz on the outer corner, Limit in the crease, Nooner on top of Limit, and then a little bit of Factory right on the very “end” of the crease. I brought Factory a little down into the bottom lash line as well. In case you want a video on how to create this look, let me know and I will *try* to do that. 😀


P.S. Because I couldn’t come up with a decent name, I’m going for what my friends usually call me. =)


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