December Favorites


Starting with the overview, these are my favorites from last month:


Starting off with makeup, I rediscovered one of my favorite (and cheapest) primers, the Sephora’s Smoothing Primer. New Year’s makeup has to be perfect (:D!) so yeah, of course I had to use a primer. This one smooths your skin (as it claims) and leaves it looking all mate and perfect. I believe it costs 12€ and it allowed my foundation to look flawless for around 20h.


Next is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer, another rediscover, considering I don’t wear concealer on a daily basis (yay for being lazy :3). This is one of the very best concealers I ever got my hands on, extremely full coverage, waterproof, very creamy, it doesn’t crease, it blends well and I mostly use it to conceal my (extremely dark) dark circles. I have no idea on how much it goes for because I’ve had this for literally ages, I believe I bought it back in 2009. xD And yes, it is still in perfect state.


I recently acquired the new Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay, which is included on this post, and it came with a sample of each of their 4 eye primers. As I used my palette to create my New Year’s Eve look, of course I had to try one of the samples, and I went for the Sin version of the primer. I’ve been using the remain product since and I just love it to use with this palette. My eye shadow lasts for days (yes, days, I didn’t sleep for about 2 days so I didn’t take my makeup off either xD) and it doesn’t smudge or look bad in any way. Also, I love the fact this specific version has a bit of shimmer to it, because it completely changes the look of the shadows in the palette. It’s definitely a to-buy product for me. =)


On to the Naked 3 palette, it’s by far my favorite palette ever. The quality is amazing, typical of Urban Decay, the shadows are very pigmented, they blend well, you know the drill. I love the colors in it because there are many beautiful rosy tones, most of the shades have very discreet shimmer in them (I love a tiny bit of shimmer but that’s kind of hard to find), the palette has very natural shades, it’s just amazing all around. =)


Now, bath products. My favorite shower gel lately has been the Senses Winter Cocoon by Avon, because it leaves the skin feeling soft and smells really good (luxurious sandalwood & vanilla). I love the smell of vanilla so there. It’s a good shower gel, you only need to put a little bit on your loofah and it’ll leave you smelling really nice. 🙂


Finally, and because I am always super cold and live attached to my halogen heater, I got the Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream. Basically, I “burned” my legs (as in, I have dark patches from my knees down) from sitting right across my heater for hours and I decided to start applying some kind of body cream on them whenever possible so my skin could heal. I came across this body cream and decided to give it a try and it significantly lightened my patches (and keeps on doing so) while leaving my skin really really soft and silky. Now I use it on my whole body. 😀


This is all for December favorites and what did I learn this past month? To put on some layers of clothing instead of living attached to a portable furnace before my legs fall off! xD On the bright side, I’ll save on the energy bill as well!



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