November Favorites!


Hello everyone!
I have decided to start posting monthly favorites (whenever it’s worth it to post those) and this will be my first favorites post. Hope it’s useful. 🙂 Here’s an overview of the whole thing (and yes, I had a bunch more favorites but this is a blog, not Youtube, not gonna post like 30 favorites xD):


My first favorite of the month (and the one I use the most) is a foundation. I usually change my foundation with the season so I picked up Maybelline’s SuperStay 24H and here’s the product:


I’ve been loving this foundation because it lasts all day, doesn’t make me oily and it gives me the coverage I want. Plus, it’s drugstore so it’s cheap (13€)! 😀 Next is the Maybelline Color Sensational in Midnight Plum (338) in which I have already done a review (click here to read it):


I love this color for fall and it’s quite inexpensive as well (10€). Next is my Bourjois eye shadow in the color 06 Noir Cobalt:


Now this is an eye shadow I’ve had for a while, maybe 2 years. I can still find it on sale, so I doubt it has been discontinued, though I am not sure. I’ve been using this for the whole month of November as an eye liner in the upper lash. It’s less intense than liquid liner (which is what I usually wear) and easier/faster to apply so it’s nice for everyday use. I believe I paid 12€ for it. Now on to the brush I’ve been applying it with:


This is an angled eye brush by Avon, they sell it specifically for gel liner but you can use it to apply eye shadow to your lower lash, etc. The fibers and not too stiff or too bendable, so you can use it for a bunch of different purposes. I just use it to apply the eye shadow I just talked about. I believe it is sold for 8€ but you can usually get it for less if you wait for deals. Next product is a face mask (Planet Spa’s Revitalising Retreat with Chinese Ginseng by Avon :D)!


This is another product by Avon that I have been loving all through the month of November. It’s a peel off face mask with Chinese Ginseng that I use to clean my skin with every once in a while, diminish my pore appearance and help fading my acne scars. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth and it’s sold for 7.90€. Now my hair product of the month:


This is the L’Oreal Paris Professional Expert Series Volumetry spray that I use almost everyday, as I love having volume in my hair. It’s one of the best products I’ve found for hair volume and it isn’t all that expensive, I believe I paid 9€ for it. It does not leave your hair feeling crunchy, neither does it drop down if your hair gets wet by rain and stuff. Now, on for scents!


This is my usual fall scent and it is the Burberry Classic Eau de Parfum, but in a *slightly* different version. xD This is a less expensive version of it (I paid 15€ for 200ml) and it smells EXACTLY like the original, the difference in the price being due to the fact you have a pretty normal bottle and not the traditional, really cute and classical one. I actually didn’t get this because it’s cheaper, I got it because whereas the original version stays on me for maybe 4h, this one lasts me all the freaking day, and after a shower I can still smell it on me. The name of the “brand” that sells it is Parfums Saphir and the name of the Burberry Classic in their line is Saphir Donna. On to house scents!


Ok, I took the picture with the product still in the package because if I take it out, it’ll be a plain normal bottle with safety warnings all around. xD This is the Glade Sense & Spray in Apple Cinnamon and I got it because it’s an awesome scent for fall and winter, it reminds me of Christmas and I love it. 😀 And now the last favorite of the month, it’s teeeea!


This is the Lipton Vanilla and Caramel Tea that I have been drinking everyday for the whole month. I wanted a sweet, smooth tea that reminded me of fall and this is what I came up with. It tastes awesome, I love both vanilla and caramel. 😀
This is all for my monthly favorites and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe, please. 😛



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