Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Midnight Plum (338): Swatch & Review


Hello there. 😀
So, I actually meant to post this review yesterday but I spent the night doing an Operative System’s project, so well…
I got this lipstick some days ago because I wanted a dark purple-y color and I thought this one would probably be a good choice. I already had other Color Sensationals so I just thought it’d be pretty much the same quality so I’d probably like it. Maybelline came up with their Fall 2013 Edition maybe back in August, the color I got is the 338 Midnight Plum and the product looks like this:


Like I said, this color is a dark plum shade, as the name suggests, and the product is very pigmented. It is a very cool toned color, it definitely has no traces of red in it and when it comes to the actual formulation of the product, it’s a creamy lipstick like the other Color Sensationals and it lasts quite a long time. It also leaves a beautiful stain in your lips after it starts fading. It all sounds very good but I found there’s a downside to this product: it applies a bit unevenly, so you have to apply two coats to get a perfectly even color, and it tends to settle into the lip lines. Also, it has a bit of a strong smell, so some people might not like it, but for those who are not bothered by that it’ll make no difference. Overall, I find it to be a quite good product for a good price and the color is absolutely gorgeous for this fall season. Here’s a swatch:

ImageI am aware it looks a bit shimmery but that’s just the lighting, today’s a quite dark day. It’ll also come out darker than that for the same reason.
Hope you enjoyed this review and please follow me. 😀


EDIT: After about a month of using this product, the creaminess it supposedly had was gone and it started to feel dry on the lips. It feels perfectly comfortable if you apply a balm before applying this lipstick though.


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