Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector Review

Hi everyone. 😀

Long time, no see. Like I said some posts back, college sucks the life right outta me. -.- So I have been quite busy and that leads to no reviews. But here comes one. ^^
So, as I’ve said before, I used to have really bad acne as a teenager, which I got rid of 6 years ago. But like most people with oily/combination skin, my skin scars easily. So even though my acne was gone, my scars decided to keep me company. <.< Trying to get rid of them, I have tried a dozen products and as I know a lot of people have the same problem, my second review is going to be on one of them: Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector. =)
This product claims to improve one’s skin tone for a flawless, younger looking skin. It supposedly reduces the look of 7 types of discolorations: dark spots, uneven skin tone, post-acne marks, brown patches, blotchy red patches, freckles and sallowness. Also, it works for all skin tones and types.
Let me start by stating this product is awesome! 😀 Why? It works wonders! It is a gel. Which, for someone with an oily skin, is just awesome because it doesn’t make it as oily as it would if you were applying creams (depending on the cream). Also, it is gentle on the skin, so Avon (the company that sells this) tells you to apply it twice a day: in the morning and at night, after cleansing and before moisturizing. It’s also good to use as a moisturizer, which means you’ll be getting your daily skin hydration, either you do or do not wear makeup, with the added plus of treating your discolorations. It is easily and quickly absorbed by your skin and it feels really nice when you apply it. When it is fully absorbed your skin feels soft and hydrated.
I have been using this for a good 2 months paired up with a natural skin whitener (so it works faster) and I can honestly say all my face’s redness is gone except for my nose bridge, because I usually forget about it. 😡 After 2 or 3 days of using this, I actually noticed my acne scars were significantly lighter and that my skin tone was evener. Nowadays, my scars are hardly noticeable and my skin tone is better than it ever was, so I wear a light to medium coverage foundation or a BB Cream without any kind of concealer or corrector and my skin looks perfect. I have to point out that I have been to a bunch of beauty clinics (if that’s what they’re called) for treatments for my acne scars for the past 4 years and they all used to tell me they were so deep on my skin layers and so dark that the only thing that would actually help would be going to see my dermatologist and asking him for a chemical peeling. Instead I tried a bunch of products and found this miracle in a bottle. =)
I would strongly recommend this for anyone who wants an even skin tone and wants to diminish their skin’s flaws. It works good and fast, and it’s a good alternative to your daily moisturizer. Please note that skin reacts differently to products depending on the person, so there is a chance this won’t work as good for you. But considering the high chances of this working, it is definitely worth a good shot and (as far as I’m aware) you can actually ask Avon for a refund if it doesn’t work as expected.
This is all for today, I hope you guys follow my blog and that you have a really good night! 😀

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