Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Hi there!

So, here comes my first review! I have decided to write a review on foundation, because this is a product I currently cannot live without, due to the fact I used to have pretty severe acne as a teenager and it left some dark scars behind. As I have been wearing Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation all throughout this summer (in the shade 54 Beige), I have decided my first review will be on it. Now, to the actual review:


This foundation claims to have 3 correcting pigments: yellow (anti-dark circles), mauve (anti-dull complexion) and green (anti-redness) pigments. It also claims to give you a “flawless complexion, even to perfection” and to last up to 16 hours. It comes in a 1 oz./30ml glass container, has SPF 10 and it gives medium coverage, even though you can build it up to full coverage (which I wouldn’t recommend but that’s totally up to you). From my own experience, this foundation looks pretty natural (if correctly applied) and it gives me the coverage I look for, while lasting for quite a long time (it lasts approximately 12h on me). It is not a full coverage, as I can still see some of my acne scars, but it still conceals the majority of them. I wouldn’t recommend building this foundation up as it gets more and more matte as you do so, which looks quite unnatural. This foundation also makes my dark circles look quite lighter and the redness on my face is gone. It doesn’t transfer to clothes and I have tried to rub it to see if it’d fade and it didn’t, neither did it get on my hands. Something I really like about this foundation is the shine control it gives me, as I have oily skin and my T-zone doesn’t get shinny with this foundation.  Consistency-wise, this a very “liquidy” foundation, which makes it very easy to blend and it never caked up or oxidized on me. Bourjois’ 123 Perfect is quite good for those with oily/combination skin due to its matte, near-powdery finish, a finish that despite being matte still gives you a bit of a healthy glow. It is perfect for summer, as it is not too heavy and you can easily make it look very very natural. I would strongly recommend it, as I do love it myself because it looks so beautiful and natural.

That is all for this review and I hope you guys enjoyed to read it as much as I did to write it.



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