Hey there! =)

A little introduction: I am a girl who loves makeup, beauty and anything related, and who was once a Youtuber (we didn’t use that term back then because this was not very common, I was about 15 or 16 years old back then). I had to close my “channel” (there were no real channels back in the day) due to college consuming all the time I had (and sucking the life right outta me! lol) and I seriously don’t feel comfortable making videos nowadays, so I have decided to come up with a blog with written reviews on any kind of beauty related products. I may be doing something other than reviews BUT, at the moment, that’s all I’ve got (yays for me!). xD I’m a tired little person today, so imagination ran away for the day.
Since I migrated from Blogger due to Vampirestats’ bots, I will be copying the posts and the real dates from that blog to this one. I’ll also be changing text colors and whatnot.



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